Packaging is something that I never considered as something I would become intensely focussed on and oddly it has become one of the main additional focusses of my work. I’m forever thinking about the job at hand but how would I then present that piece of design? Packaging.

Packaging is something I would love to examine and learn in more detail perhaps further down the line in my career, but at present I have a deep appreciation for how simple choices can have an enormous impact where packaging is concerned.

This packaging was from the “Retro” brief in block 1 of my HND (autumn 2016). We were to pick a modern item and advertise it in the style of different time period. I picked the “Selfie stick” and chose to advertise it in a victorian style. The main deliverable for the coursework was the poster and the supporting items I decided to produce were an owner’s manual and packaging for the selfie stick.