This will be my *counts in head* fifth attempt at creating and maintaining a design blog. I have always found talking about design to be difficult. Design is something I would much rather be doing than writing about but as I now have to post blogs as part of my assessments, I think I should carry that over to my personal site.

This is now my 2nd year at Edinburgh College of Art, 3rd year study (as I was a direct entry 2nd year) and I can honestly say it’s the best leap in the dark I ever took in my entire life! Sure sometimes the work is difficult but it is also fascinating and invigorating in equal measure and I love how much it challenges me to think outside the box.

Last year the first term seemed to take forever, we, or at least I felt like I had all the time in the world to complete my work. The second term however flew in and I felt as though I would never be finished any of my work in time. I did of course; but not without a good few sleepless nights!

This year the first term is no way near as laid back. We have three courses like we did in 2nd year but this year we have two summative assessments in one course and the workload for each of the three courses is far heavier than anything we had in 2nd year. I quite like this, it keeps me on my toes and keeps me engaged rather than letting me have spare time to float off into other things that I then get obsessed about and forget to spend extra time on my studies. However it is pretty hard work.

So this term’s courses are New Making, Environmental Design, Ecologies and Futures, and Transactions.

New Making is the course which, rather than having a formative assessment in the middle, has been split into two sections and each has a summative assessment of it’s own. The first is to do with Hybrid Materials — taking a traditional craft or material and pairing it with digital fabrication techniques to create experiments on howe they work together. It’s a great opportunity for play learning and I love this. I’m looking forward to learning about the next section of this course, starting this coming Tuesday.

Environmental Design, Ecologies and Futures is quite a fascinating subject about the environment, it’s decline and what we could or should do about it. This course is actually both my favourite course and my least favourite course. Due to it being a theory only course there is a LOT of reading and I really struggle with the overly academic language and MASSIVE block paragraphs due to the processing delay that is caused by my ASD. I struggle to learn in this way, I need to perform the learning, or in the least imitate what I am being shown to learn effectively so this form of theory based, text orientated learning causes me a lot of problems. I am very enthusiastic about environmental design though so have been trying other means to help support my learning and so far I am doing not too badly which pleases me greatly. I only hope I can formulate that into an acceptable essay at the end of term. Fingers crossed!

Transactions is a course that I find very hard to describe. It’s a great course, and a lot of fun… but it’s description eludes me so I will just say that we have to observe people, question people, disrupt people’s day and create a tool kit intervention that we give out. I know that sounds like complete gobbledygook but that’s the gist of it. If you are there in person it makes a lot more sense ? Early on in the course we were put into groups of 2. My partner and I decided to disrupt peoples days by challenging them to play fights. That had some amusing results (as seen below)

The plan was to allow the other person to win the fight so they finished feeling accomplished. Every single person felt that they had released stress they didn’t even know they had and all of them felt energised and positive afterward.

Following this experimental intervention we scoped out Edinburgh airport and are currently trying to figure out what theme we should give our tool kit for our presentation next week.

I will try to keep up my posts this year and show what I am currently working on etc…

For now, have a great day and stay creative x